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I don't need anything NEW, I've got a battle to fight!

Strobel offers Dealers and Consumers the newest technologies in mattresses (Inner-Spring mattresses were invented in 1871)

How to present prescription or non-toxic mattresses, with other flameproof mattresses on floor

To become a dealer and receive free info kit with wholesale prices click here

We offer a 2 minute DVD video on Poison Beds and our answer you can show your customers. To see a small screen internet version click here.

Point of Purchase Displays available to dealers

See more examples of our 3-in-One Bed Display,  in store POP and different bed cover options click here.

Replacement Water-Mattress Program

Waterbeds are still alive and well, naturally toxin free and exempt from the regulation

No floor space or investment required. Just ask and we will send you a free counter card or wall poster and you can start selling replacement water-mattresses immediately. We can drop ship by UPS direct to your customer, or you may wish to stock a few for easy cash and carry profitable sales.

An analysis of our dealers shows the average mattress store will sell $12,667 from replacement water-mattress annually per store. If you have more than one store simply multiply the numbers.

Waterbeds are making a comeback. Spurred by young people who see them as new, and by organic consumers who fear the chemicals in new mattresses. Strobel also offers a full line of softside waterbeds that look like regular beds if you want to take advantage of this niche market.



New: "Pure Organic Cotton" covers with Suede borders


Sales Training
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3-in-One Bed Dealer Program
Now you can showcase all three models of the Supple-Pedic product line using only one Queen bed space on your floor. 
3-in-One Bed Display  

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