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How to present prescription or non-toxic mattresses, with other flameproof mattresses on floor


People buy organic mattresses because they want them to be as chemical free as possible. Strobel allows you to be a step ahead of the competition, and feel good knowing you are providing a clean bed.


Possible customer interaction:


Salesperson: This is a truly organic mattress from Strobel. It features a pure organic cotton stretch cover, Soy based visco memory foam, Soy based regular foams, and some models also contain natural latex. Plus it contains Strobelís Patented :Lever Support System that gives proven best back support, 90% less tossing and turning, and Clinically Proven Better Sleep by the University of Louisville.


Have customer lie on mattress and ask, ďCan you feel how the Lever Support System fills the small of your back and gives better back support?Ē


Customer: Yes, it feels good.


Salesperson: Strobelís mattresses feature a zippered cover that allows access to the inner components. The fire barrier is also zippered and removable to access the layer system. The layer system has many advantages: No chemical adhesives are used. You can access the components to clean, dry out, check for mold and mildew, flip and rotate for more even wear, move the mattress easily in pieces, and replace worn components if you would rather not buy a new mattress. You can have a lifetime mattress.


Salesperson: Strobel is a true organic because even the government required fire barrier can be removed if you are concerned about sleeping in the FR chemicals. Although we canít advise you to defeat government regulations designed to protect you from fire.Or if you prefer we can special order you a mattress with your doctorís or chiropractorís prescription without the fire barrier. With a prescription you donít have to pay the sales tax and the prescription makes the set purchase tax deductible for you. The sales tax savings alone is over $100 on this mattress.


Customer: Are the FR chemicals dangerous to sleep in?


Salesperson: Well, OUR STORE has always believed in telling our customers the truth and giving them all the facts to make an informed decision. (This creates trust and credibility for you and your store, and the customer is now more likely to purchase a mattress from you rather than another store.)


Some people want a pure organic mattress and donít want to sleep in any kind of chemicals. Some people are sensitive to chemicals.


Other people trust the mattress industry and Consumer Products Safety Commission who say the new fire barriers on mattresses are safe.


Strobel mattresses give you a choice. If you are concerned about the chemicals you can remove the fire barrier. If you are more concerned about the fire risk simply leave the fire barrier on. What do you think? Are you more concerned about the chemical or the fire risk?


(Depending on your customers response you can lead them to selecting the right mattress for them)


Customer: What is the fire risk?


Salesperson: The CPSC hopes to save up to 270 people from fire with the new flameproof mattress regulation after all existing mattresses are replaced. With 300 million people in the US this puts your individual mattress fire risk at one in 1.111 million.


Customer: What chemicals are used in other mattresses?


Salesperson: Honestly, we really donít know. There are no labeling requirements. Almost all other mattresses say they use no chemicals. But Strobel says there are no chemical free systems that will pass the open flame test. If you are concerned about the chemicals perhaps your best choice would be a Strobel mattress.


(Here is more detail if you want to talk about it with your customer.)


Customer: What is the chemical risk?


Salesperson: That depends on who you ask? The mattress industry and CPSC say it is a negligible risk. But Mark Strobel who owns Strobel Technologies who makes these mattresses has campaigned against the flameproof mattress regulation for four years says it is a huge risk. Many doctors also say the risk outweighs the benefit. Strobel has been making news across the country and the mattress industry has admitted they use Antimony, a toxic chemical almost identical to Arsenic and a heavy metal like Lead and Mercury, and Boric Acid a Roach Killer that Serta has admitted to news media it uses in their mattresses. Many use Silicon, which is silica glass and may cause health problems when sharp, fragmented particles are inhaled. Here is a brochure with more detail. (Showing your customer something in writing gives you more credibility discussing it.) Other mattress fireproofing systems can contain, Formaldehyde, Melamine that poisoned our pets recently, and Ammonium Polyphosphate that breaks down to Ammonia.


Customer: Do these chemicals get out of the mattress?


Salesperson: Yes, the CPSC studied only 4 of these chemicals but proved all leach to the surface of mattresses and are absorbed by our bodies. They say adults will absorb .8 mg, and children .5 mg Antimony every night. This is 27 times for adults, and 63 times for children, more poison than the EPA says is safe. Which Strobel mattress would you like to go with?