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Lever-Support/Air-Lever Demonstration System
Demonstration Unit at rest 1. Pushing where hips and shoulders
depress levers shows Back Support


2. Lie directly on Demonstration Unit to feel Back Support


3. Proper Spinal Alignment in any sleeping position


Air-Lever Support Option for all Supple-Pedic/Supple-Latex Beds

Patented Hybrid Air/Visco/Latex beds gives the best of all worlds

Gives Positive Back Support


Bed shown with Polyfilax and Lever-Support removed

Pressing on tube shows how hip and shoulders would depress tubes and resultant positive back support



Person lying directly on tube to show how shape and weight of hips and shoulders depress tubes displacing air and filling lumbar area with proper support


Strobel's Patented Air-Lever option has many advantages over regular airbeds. With regular airbeds a hammock effect is created because the body sinks into the bed and air displaces mostly under the legs and to the sides of the body. With Strobel's, the torso length of the tubes concentrates the air displacement to the lumbar area, and the tube design prevents displacement to the sides focusing support to the back. The Lever-Spring system is on top of the tubes and air displacement enhances the Lever action. Also the Lever-Springs balance the action of several tubes. In addition Strobel's design has no pumps, motors, or valves nothing to go wrong! Strobel's air tubes are foam filled and factory sealed. Even if an air tube someday fails, the bed does not become unusable due to the foam filling. Proper spinal alignment in any sleeping position, Strobel's Patented system gives you the best back support.

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