We asked what they would tell other salespeople.

"I show the Supple Pedic to every customer that comes in my store. Mattress sales are 40% of our business and a good portion of that is Strobel. I attribute 25% of my commissions to Supple Pedic. Strobel is one of the primary products we carry that makes a significant difference in the lives of our customers. Supple Pedic contributes to not only the betterment of our sleeping patterns and habits, but also eliminates pain and discomfort." Phil…… MI

"I earn 200-300 extra dollars per month because of Supple Pedic. Really great asset to the company and store, especially if you sleep on one yourself." Linda…CA

"Best selling item in store." Scott......NV

"I sleep on one at home and it gives me the biggest edge. Customers want to hear your personal experience. I have a hip problem, but I don't when I sleep on the Supple Pedic." Crystal…..WA

"Excellent mattress. Very easy to sell and customer satisfaction is almost 100%." Heidi……MI

"I earn an extra $100.00 per month as a part time employee selling Supple Pedic." Lori.....NV

"Supple-Pedic has better warranty, better bottom line and more money in pocket." Dennis.......OR

"Sales have increased with Supple Pedic. People appreciate modular construction which makes warranty better." "Get it on your floor!". Kevin.........CA

" I Sell Supple-Pedic to 1 out of 5 customers. Great product, good selling product with good marketing and advertising." Erin.......VT.

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