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Re: Your Awesome Beds!


I am writing to commend and thank you for your incredible beds.


As a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic, I am frequently asked by patients to make bed recommendations. And who better, for chiropractors treat more back injuries than all other medical professionals combined. With the sheer number of beds on the market, sifting through all of them in search of a quality product is, indeed, a daunting task.


With this in mind, I began researching the various sleep systems available. I needed not only a bed the manufacturer would stand behind, but also one that I could stake my reputation on. I studied every bed on the market, and read extensively, including all of the medical research. The Strobel Supple-Pedic sleep system was an easy choice. The feature that places your Supple-Pedic far above the competition is the combination of Polyfilax foam and your patented lever system. Most people spend nearly one third of their lives sleeping, and this support system is critical to better health and a restful nights sleep.


I began clinical trials over a year ago, recommending Supple-Pedic beds to a large number of my most complicated cases. The results have been phenomenal. In nearly every instance, my patients reported improved quality of sleep as well as a significant reduction of symptoms.


Bellevue Chiropractic Group treats members from the US Menís and Womenís Ski Teams, professional athletes, and difficult cases from all over the world. We pride ourselves on short-term treatment and long-term results. Your beds are an integral part of our tremendous success.


Thank you for your dedication. I honestly believe that Supple-Pedic beds provide the best nights sleep that can be found anywhere.



John A. Wisman, D.C.

Clinic Director

Bellevue Chiropractic Group


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