Richard W. Powell, M.D., CT.H.T .







"It form fits to my back," "I feel my lumbar spine comfortably sinking and my thoracic spine nicely supported,: according to patients in my pain management practice. Refreshing sleep is oft lost in pain states further aggravating pain and leading to depression. The Strobel Supplepedic Mattress is improving sleep quantity and depth reducing pain and increasing quality of life.


"I toss and turn less," "I've never felt so refreshed in my life," stated by sufferers of sleep disorders. During my Medical Directorship of a Sleep Center, Nocturnal Myocionus, periodic limb movements of sleep, and Restless Leg Syndrome were commonly diagnosed via NPSG requiring medication to ameliorate them: The Strobel Supplepedic Mattress reduced nite time movement by 90%. In my sleep practice medication then is not needed. This begs the query, "are the nocturnal sleep disorders due to the inner spring mattress?"


"My mood is better," "I have more energy and am less irritable according to my family, after a deep refreshing sleep." These are comments about the importance of sleep and mood in my psychiatric practice. Thus, in the fields of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine in which I practice the need is clear for daily deep, refreshing sleep that the Supplepedic Mattress supplies." Instead of pressure points while on the usual mattress, causing tossing and turning my body sleeping on the Supplepedic Bed is like "Butter melting on to fresh sourdough bread."


Richard W .Powell, M.D.

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