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As a Neurologist specializing in low back and chronic pain, I am constantly seeing patientís whose lives have been completely altered and/or destroyed by chronic pain. One thing in common with all these unfortunate people is their lack of a good night sleep. Without a complete and restful sleep their condition becomes even more unbearable.


As we approach the twenty-first century, manís technology has grown in leaps and bounds in making our lives simpler and easier. That is except for the technology used by the conventional mattress manufacturers. It takes true insight and vision to develop what your company has done in the science of sleep.


The patented design for equal support incorporated with space age polymers, gives comfort not seen in other mattresses. This is especially important to someone suffering from a debilitating condition.


This mattress may jus be the answer to the question. How can I get a good night sleep? It truly is the mattress for the next millennium.




Brian Anseeuw, DC, MD

Staff Neurologist


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